Blogarticles in the category Schools

Date Title Author Number of comments
30/05/2012 Blue Dog visits Hacton School nursery Ray Butcher
11/05/2012 The Blue Dog schools' programme in Serbia Ray Butcher
18/06/2011 Lesson Plans for teachers hailed as useful resource Ray Butcher
10/04/2011 New resource for schools in Serbia Ray Butcher
15/06/2010 Specialist assessment of Kid's corner Ray Butcher
10/06/2010 New Film - Blue goes to the vet Ray Butcher
15/05/2010 Vet Christine helps with school project in Belgium Ray Butcher
10/05/2010 Scargill Film Club - new release Ray Butcher
31/03/2010 Website ideas move on Ray Butcher
21/01/2010 "Oscar" for Scargill film club Ray Butcher
21/09/2009 Scargill School becomes a new partner Ray Butcher
20/07/2009 Belgian Vet Practice open day gives ideas for kids Ray Butcher
20/08/2008 Teachers present ideas in Dublin Ray Butcher
02/03/2008 Blue Dog suit a big hit with children Ray Butcher
02/01/2008 Hacton School first to use blue dog in the classroom Ray Butcher

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