My healthy dog

You will get the maximum enjoyment from your dog if he remains fit and healthy. Preventing diseases by vaccination, controlling skin parasites and worms by regular treatment, and providing the correct balanced diet are all important issues that you need to consider.

Hopefully your dog will have a long healthy life and so will be part of your family from puppyhood through till old age. It is important to realise he will have changing needs at different stages of his life – the requirements for a puppy, a young adolescent, an adult and an older dog are not the same. It is important too that your expectations of how he will interact with the family may also need to be modified.

Unfortunately there will come a time when your dog is sick. You must learn to recognise his normal behaviour so you can recognise when he is sick. You will often require the professional help of your veterinarian. The section on signs and symptoms of disease is intended to highlight some of the more common symptoms that might indicate ill-health and hopefully will help you and your veterinarian to work together to come to a successful diagnosis.

The key to ensuring good health is to build a close relationship with your veterinarian. The “you and your veterinarian” section describes the range of veterinary practices that are in existence and the range of services on offer.

It also highlights career options that are available in the veterinary field.

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