Key research staff involved

Dr Kerstin Meints (KM, Project leader Reader in Psychology, UoL) is director of the Lincoln Infant Lab with 20 years experience of experimental research with children using a range of laboratory and observational methods and having developed a range of testing and assessment software that is in use world-wide7,a.

Technician Alan Woodford programmed all studies, RAs Victoria Brelsford, Janine Just, Sophie Hall, Charlotte Hall, Corinne Syrnyk and RF Nelly Lakestani ran / analysed the studies with KM.

Tiny De Keuster (Visiting Research Fellow at UoL, European Specialist in Veterinary Behavioural Medecine , and since 2012 part-time Professor of Companion Animal Behaviour Medicine at Faculty of Veterinary Medecine, University of Ghent) acted as consultant.



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