"Oscar" for Scargill film club

The children of the Scargill school film club made an animated film using plasticine models, in the style of “Wallace and Gromit”. This is called “Blue goes to the seaside”.

This was shown recently at a meeting in the ArtSchool in Gent. Judy Munford accepted a certificate of merit presented by Willy Van Drel (Gent Artschool), Soraya Verbeke and Tiny De Keuster (Blue Dog Trust).

The film can be viewed on the website.

The film has subsequently been awarded a “HOSCAR” by the London Borough of Havering ( a Havering OSCAR!).

We look forward to the next film.

New Horizons for the Blue Dog


Tiny De Keuster takes time out from lecturing at the North American Veterinary Conference in Florida to negotiate the next language version of the Blue Dog.

The conference was very succesful for the Blue Dog and the message well recived by veterinarians and behaviourists attending.


Dog bites as an accident in the home - Cardiff conference 2009

Tiny De Keuster and Ray Butcher were invited to have a stand at the exhibition during this conference. It was important to meet professionals involved in accident prevention in general. Most delegates had not considered dog bites as an accident in the home – hopefully the Blue Dog message may change stereotypic attitudes and open up new avenues for promotion of the message.

Scargill School becomes a new partner


Scargill school, within the London Borough of Havering, has become a new partner to take on the Blue Dog project. Deputy Head teacher Judy Munford is the leader but there is enthusiasm throughout the staff. 

 Ray Butcher of the Wylie Veterinary Centre came in to talk to the children with in the classroom – “this is part of our community involvement policy, and we are very happy to be involved in schools”. 




As a follow up, Judy arranged a talk to the parents – this is a crucial step in the long term success of the programme as it is important the parents know what the children are talking about. 


Blue Dog Trust funds new research in USA and Canada

The Blue Dog Trust are pleased to announce that it has provided funds for some research to be carried out on the efficacy of the Blue Dog programme. This is to be undertaken jointly by David Schwebel of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Barbara Morrongiello of the University of Guelph, Canada. 

In announcing this, Trust Chairman Tiny De Keuster commented “we are really excited by this. Both David and Barbara are very well respected researchers in the field of accident prevention and so for them to want to work on the Blue Dog is a great compliment for us”.


It is hoped some preliminary results will be available for the Child Accident Prevention Conference to be held in London September 2009.   

Dog Bites feature in the Public Health impacts of keeping dogs.

Ray Butcher organised a day’s seminar during the recent 2009 WSAVA Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil The theme was considerations related to dog population control, especially where these impact on human public health. This was in tune with the “one medicine” philosophy in which it is thought impossible to consider animal health and human health in isolation. 

The subjects discussed included current thinking about humane methods dog population management. Zoonotic diseases that were of special relevance to South America included rabies and leishmaniasis. Tiny De Keuster gave a presentation of dog bites.

Belgian Vet Practice open day gives ideas for kids

The Blue Dog features at the open day of the Veterinary Centre Binnenhof, Beerse, Belgium. The children had a lot of fun and some of the ideas may well be useful for the Teachers' Toolbox.








The face masks seemed especially popular. 

The Blue Dog CD

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