Training the Trainers programme progressing

The team involved with promoting the Blue Dog in Belgium found that the work load was too much for so few people. The solution was to coach others with the skills to give presentations and the resources to do so. So the "Train the Trainers" programme was started. The picture shows one of the veterinary team, Magda Westhovens, passing on her knowledge to delegates at the meeting at Herk De Stad.




The delegates look on with interest - if not a little bemused!

New fim a success in Thai commercial exhibition

One of the early marketting problems we faced was to make people think the cartoon Blue Dog related to real life. To help with this, a film animation was made by Soraya Verbeke and ........ which used real people as well as the Blue Dog cartonn acting out a scene from the CD. This was formed into a loop and was successful in attracting delegates to the Blue Dog booth at conferences.

Thai conference useful to make more contacts

The Veterinary Practitioners Association of Thailand (VPAT) conference attracts delegates from all over Asia. It was therefore an excellent opportunity to make new contacts for the future. Pictured are Ray Butcher and Tiny De keuster with three veterinary colleagues from Sri Lanka. The Blue Paw Trust in Sri Lanka do have education programmes for children using puppets. This is to reduce the incidence of dog bites as rabies is endemic in this country.

The Blue Dog at the VPAT Conference Thailand 2009

Tiny De Keuster and Ray Butcher were invited by the Veterinary Practitioners Association of Thailand to give a presentation and workshop on the Blue Dog Programme. Delegates attended from many neighbouring Asian countries so this was very useful to introduce the programme to a wider audience. 

In addition we had a stand in an exhibition area that was open to the general public.

The Blue Dog at the Belgian Paediatricians conference 2010


Tiny De Keuster was invited to give an oral presentation about the Blue Dog programme and how it was essential to address the issue from a multi-discipline approach. This helped to strengthen the liaison between veterinarians and human doctors within Belgium in the consideration of dog bite injuries and possible prevention strategies.


The Blue Dog at the European Paediatricians conference 2008

Tiny De Keuster was invited to give an oral presentation on the development of the Blue Dog programme at the European Paediatrics Conference held in Nice 2008. This was part of a session on child accident prevention. This was relatively poorly attended compared with other sessions, perhaps indicating that prevention is less “sexy” than other medical disciplines! The chairman of the session commented on this and went on to say that the number of children dying in Europe as a result of accidents is greater than those dying from disease.  

In addition the Trust had a poster presentation that attracted much interest.

Useful contacts were made and we are looking forward to the Child Accident Prevention Conference to be organised in Cardiff in 2009. 

Blue Dog makes National radio in Belgium

Following the successful launch of the Flemish-Belgian version in Brussels, the Blue Dog Chairman, Tiny De Keuster was invited to take part in a live radio interview on a national radio programme. She performed well and hopefully this helped to spread the message more widely.  

The Blue Dog CD

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