Minister at Launch of French Belgian Version

The Union Professionelle Vétérinaire (UPV) is the Blue Dog Partner in Belgium responsible for the French language version. They hosted the launch on 4/10/2008 and invited ...................... as the guest of honour.







Veterinary behaviourist Joëlle Hofmans, a Board member of the UPV, also gave a presentation about the Blue Dog at the launch. 

Flemish Belgian Launch stimulates lots of questions

The launch of the Flemish Belgian version of the Blue Dog took place in Brussels on 2.10.2008. Following the initial presentations, a press conference was organised. A range of questions was answered by Christine Halsberghe (veterinarian), Tiny De Keuster (veterinarian), Steven Vanackere (Flemish Minister of Family Health) and Marc De Meyere (Medical Doctor). The make up of the panel highlighted the fact that this project required a multi-discipline team.   

Flemish Minister's dog a big attraction at launch

The Flemish Minister of Family Health, Steven Vanackere, was the special guest at the recent launch of the Flemish Begian language version of the Blue Dog.












As an extra attraction, he brought along his pet dog, and she proved to be very popular with the press and media (especially judging from the newspaper cuttings the following day!). However, this did help to highlight the fact that the programme was relevant to all families with dogs, and even well behaved ones like the Minister's could bite if stressed in particular risk situations. 

The Blue Dog at Collier Row Library

Kathy Beasley, a veterinarian from the Wylie Veterinary Centre, mans a stand at an exhibition on dogs in the community held at Collier Row library, Romford Essex. The aim was to make people more aware of the real issues surrounding dog bites. 

Getting the message across is proving to be difficult. Kathy said “ people seemed interested but did not really believe their own dog had the potential to bite – the Blue dog seems good but is not necessary for me!”.

Norwegian Version now available

Ellen Bjerkaas, the President of the Federation of Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA), was pleased to report that the Norwegian Version of the Blue Dog was now available. FECAVA was a core sponsor and keen promotor of the programme, so it was important for her personally that her own national association (the Norwegian Small Animal Veterinary Association) had taken up the challenge to produce their own language version. She was sure this would be well received in her country.

Teachers present ideas in Dublin

Hacton school, within the London Borough of Havering, volunteered to introduce the Blue Dog as a pilot scheme within the school. The idea was to assess how best the message could be incorporated into the already full curriculum. In addition they were to assess what additional resources would be useful. 

Moira Butcher and Jan Barnett presented their preliminary feedback at a meeting in Dublin held during the recent World Small Animal (WSAVA) and Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Association (FECAVA) Congress. 


Their ideas were well received and a follow up meeting will be arranged in Gent to involve teachers from Belgium and the Netherlands. 

Dublin Conference a busy time for Blue Dog

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) / Federation of European Companuin Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA) conference was held recently in Dublin. The Trust secretary, Ray Butcher, was speaking on the subject of aggression in Dogs on the main scientific programme.

There was also a meeting of all the national representatives responsible for the Blue Dog in their countries, which proved to be a useful opportunity to exchange ideas. The meeting was addressed by Moira Butcher and Jan Barnett, teachers from Hacton School in the UK, reporting on some preliminary ideas on how to introduce the Blood Dog into schools.

The Blue Dog stand within the exhibition of the Conference attracted a lot of interest from the international delegates. The photograph shows Soraya Verbeke, Hildegard Jung and Tiny De Keuster taking a breather at the stand. 


The Blue Dog CD

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