The Blue Dog features at Vet's Centenary Open Day

The Wylie Veterinary Centre has reached the ripe old age of 100years. As part of the celebrations a successful open day was held in which approximately 1500 clients and friends visited. As a core sponsor of the Blue Dog Programme, we were happy to feature it as one of the many activities on offer. It proved popular with children (though probably less so than touching real animals and playing on the bouncy castle!).

Blue Dog goes to New Orleans

Tiny De Keuster and Ray Butcher gave a couple of presentations and a workshop at the recent American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) conference in New Orleans.

This coincided with the launch of the Blue Dog in the USA, the local partner being the AVMA. The photo shows Tiny De Keuster and Ray Butcher with Gail Golab of the AVMA.

Blue Dog suit a big hit with children

Teachers and staff at Hacton School have designed and produced a Blue Dog costume for children to use in role-play lessons. This has proved to be very popular and it is intended to have a pattern available for others to use.

Serbian version launched

The Serbian version of the Blue Dog became available in January 2008 due to the efforts of Nikoleta Novak. A copy is proudly displayed in the waiting room of their clinic in Belgrade.

Hacton School first to use blue dog in the classroom

Hacton school in Hornchurch Essex are the first primary school to embrace the Blue Dog message and see how best they can introduce it into the classroom. The team led by Moira Butcher and Jan Barnett are working to develop their own resources and give feedback to the Blue Dog trust how a programme designed for the classroom might best develop.

Blue Dog makes the national press in Germany

The German Veterinary Association (DVG) are the Blue Dog Trust Partners in Germany. They have worked hard to spread the word about the programme, and DVG representatives Susanna Aldinger and Hidegard Yung were pleased to report they had manged to get articles in major national newspapers in Germany.

Royal patronage for Dutch Blue Dog

The Dutch version of the Blue Dog was launched recently in the Netherlands. It has been adopted by the LICG, a Government funded organisation. The patron of the LICG is His Excellency Pieter van Vollenhoven, a member of the Dutch Royal Family. The photograph shows Leen Den Otter making a presentation during the Blue Dog launch, while His Excellency Pieter van Vollenhoven is pictured on the screen. 

The Blue Dog Trust is very proud to be given such support. 

The Blue Dog CD

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