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Show photos of last weeks lesson - of children acting out the Blue dog.
Ask children to recap what was happening.

  • How did the child react? Why?
  • How did the dog react? Why?
  • What have we learnt so far?
    Dogs may protect food/toys

    Dogs may react differently when they are ill

Telling a Blue Dog story

Use the parent guide and choose the fish story page 32 or download from the materials.
If available, watch the scene on the Blue Dog cd-rom.

Blue has a new present - a yellow toy fish that makes a squeaky noise. He drops the toy while eating his food. Simon approaches to stroke him, but Blue might think otherwise. What could happen next?

Group work - making a poster

Tell children that today we are going to make our own special book about Blue.
We are going to draw posters explaining what we’ve learned about Blue:

  • The  things Blue likes
  • The things Blue  dislikes
  • How does Blue react when he doesn’t like it (e.g; he runs away and hides, he growls)

HA (Lower attainers) children to a draw poster and write a sentence explaining what their poster is about.
MA (Medium Attainers) children to draw poster and with support writing their message
LA (Higher attainers) children draw poster and adult to scribe their meaning.


Show children each others posters. Tell children their posters will be made into a special book and shared around the school to help teach children how to behave safely around dogs. The pictures and posters can be scanned and shared online at the website “ All you ever wanted to know about dogs”  teachers toolbox  blog


ICT (Extra materials)

In ‘Dazzle’ or other drawing package use the shapes to make animal pictures

In the downloads you will find

  • Pictures for colouring






  • Shapes to make animals

  • Animal picture cards for games

Example 1: Understanding what a pet is.
Identifying the animal.
Which one is the ideal pet?
Match the animal with the right home.



Example 2:
Understanding the needs of a dog.
What kind of food does Blue need?
What objects does Blue need?
What things do children need?






The children's corner can be used as an interactive tool:

Daan's Zoo
In the Zoo, there are different animals. Look for the ideal pet!

How to play the game:

When an animal appears, pass the computer mouse over the squares and match the one showing the correct colour and animal noise.




Tiny's Kids
In the game Tiny's Kids, there are pet and wild animals. Have a look ...

In this game, Tiny's kids are looking for their mum. All kids look different.

Match the right mum and kids.

See how happy the kids are when they find their mum. Listen to mum singing a lullaby.

Blue is thirsty
Blue lives in a nice confortable home. Right now, Blue is thirsty and looking for a drink. Can you help Blue to find the right water to drink?

Click on the different places that contain water.
Many are not suitable for drinking. Can you help Blue find the one place where the water is for drinking.

Use this game to help talk about a dog's needs.




Blue is hungry
Blue is hungry and he goes to the shop with his owner. There are many things for sale: some a good for Blue to eat but others are not. Can you help Blue find the food that is good for him?

Click on the different things on the shelves. The wrong things will give him a tummy ache, but the right food will make him happy.





Blue at the vet
Blue is feeling not very well and his owner has taken him to the vet. See Blue sitting on the vet's table looking sick and a bit scared.

Ask the children to help the vet by clicking on the objects along the bottom.






Blue at the toy shop

Blue is in the toy shop and he is looking for new toys to put in his basket.

Can you help Blue to pick the toys that are best for him?
How does Blue feel when he gets a toy in his basket?

(If he pics a child's toy, it jumps back on to the shelf)





Do the children understand what a pet is?
Do children understand what a dog needs?


Lesson notes for evaluation of project / evidence / resource list




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In this lesson you will learn

To understand a dog’s needs.
To recognise and identify similarities with our own needs
To show awareness of how to behave safely around dogs through designing a poster


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