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This week is a celebratory week for the children to explore and acknowledge all the work they have done on the project.

Talk about the different aspects of dogs that have been adressed in previous lessons:
- To understand what emotions are
- To understand that humans and animals have different emotions
- To understand that emotions affect behaviour
- To understand how emotions affect behaviour

Talk about all we have learnt about dogs and look at some of the posters created by the children, particularly talking about and celebrating why people have dogs, and why we like to have animals in general around us.

Painting activities

Children to explore free painting activities using ready mix paint or water colour work, looking at the CD for inspiration to create their own picture of Blue and his family in a particular setting. Children to talk about their painting to their group and describe what is happening to Blue and how he is feeling.

Creating a Blue Dog Scene

In this excercise the children will create a scene from the Blue Dog DVD : the actors: Simon, sara, Blue ; as well as the props: food bowl, basket, toys, yellow sqeaky fish etc.. can be cut out of the cards

Use lolly sticks through cardboard with a strip cut along it, for children to create a moving picture scene from the Blue Dog DVD.  Children to explain to their friends what is happening in their scenario and how the family needs to make the right choice for Blue.


Look at the selection of paintings and moving pictures and discuss the outcomes.

  • How are the children feeling about their work?
  • Are the children positive about their work?
  • Do they know more about the needs of dogs and responsibilities of families to care for them appropriately?
  • What do dogs need to feel well? ( food, water, basket, toys, attention, walks, awareness about the dog's feelings , this means to sometimes leave the dog alone) 
  • How is Blue behaving when he feels unhappy/ sad/ angry? (Blue walks away and hides under the table, or Blue growls at sarah & simon, Blue show his teeth)
  • How should the children react in such a situation? ( Ask a parent / grown up for help! )

Ensure these paintings and moving pictures are shared with other year group and talked about positively.

Blue Dog DVD
Give time for the children to explore the DVD on the class computers this week. Work in pairs and ask children to check their partner’s responses so they know that they and their friend would be safe around real dogs.

ICT - extra materials

Go to the Toolbox card games – all of the pics can be downloaded in printable version
To understand that animals including humans have different feelings and emotions.

To understand that animals including humans have different feelings and emotions

Diamond nine game - use groups of nine items (food, toys, objects).

Ask the children  to rate the itmes from "most important " to "least important" for themselves, for the Blue Dog, for another dog, for their own dog. In this way children can start to discuss the relative value of "important", i.e it may differ for each individual.

Example questions:
What item is most / leat important for Blue?
What item is most / least important for another dog?
What item is most/least important for your own dog?

To understand how emotions can influence behaviour
Example questions:
- How do you feel when somebody tries to take a high valued object away from you? How would you react?
- How is Blue feeling when a child takes away a high valued object? How would Blue react?

The Scene from the Blue Dog story page 32 illustrates how a dog may feel when Simon approaches his favourite sqeaky fish and his food bowl. use the parent guide page 32-33 or download in the materials.

Blue has a new present – a yellow toy fish that makes a squeaky noise! He is proud of this new toy and walks to the kitchen with it in his mouth. He then drops it and starts eating from his bowl.

Simon approaches and sits down besides Blue. He strokes him gently on the back. Then suddenly... Oh dear... Blue turns towards Simon showing his teeth and threatening to bite, as if to say: “I don’t want to be stroked when I am eating”.

To understand how emotions influence behaviour in a context ( action towards the dog)
- How do you feel when someone does something you don't like? How do you react?
- How is Blue feeling when Sarah is doing something he doesn't like ( petting him)? How may Blue react?

The scene ' Blue is sleeping in his basket ' from the Teddy bear story , illustrates how children sometimes initiate actions full of good intentions ( kissing the dog nighty night) . Unfortunately , when dogs are snoozing or sleeping, they might percieve these actions as a treath and react. In that way, kissing the dog good night.; may end up in a risk situation for the child. The story can be found in the parentguide page 28 or downloaded in the materials.

Blue is sleeping in his basket
Blue is peacefully sleeping in his basket. Sarah wants to say goodnight to Blue and approaches to kiss him gently. Blue opens his eyes and sees Sarah bending over his head.

He looks frightened and growls. Sarah does not understand the message and kisses Blue again. Oh dear... now Blue shows his teeth and Sarah goes away crying.

This story illustrates the importance of empathy - how does Blue feel when being kissed in the middel of his sleep, or while snoozing in his basket?

Blue is building a home
In this game, Blue wants to built a home...

The children can help Blue by choosing the right element of construction.

In this way Blue wil be very happy !

Tiny's Kids
In the game Tiny's Kids, there are pet and wild animals. Have a look ...

In this game, Tiny's kids are looking for their mum. All kids look different.

Match the right mum and kids.

See how happy the kids are when they find their mum. Listen to mum singing a lullaby.


Daan's Zoo
In the Zoo, there are different animals. Look for the ideal pet!

How to play the game:

When an animal appears, pass the computer mouse over the squares and match the one showing the correct colour and animal noise.

Which animal is the most beautiful?
Which animal is the cuddliest?
Which animal would you like?


Blue at the vet

Blue is feeling not very well and his owner has taken him to the vet. See Blue sitting on the vet's table looking sick and a bit scared.

Ask the children to help the vet by clicking on the objects along the bottom.

- How is Blue feeling when his paw hurts?
- How is Blue feeling when his eras are painful?
- How is Blue feeling when the vet gives him an injection?



Blue at the toy shop

Blue is in the toy shop and he is looking for new toys to put in his basket.

Can you help Blue to pick the toys that are best for him?
How does Blue feel when he gets a toy in his basket?

(If he pics a child's toy, it jumps back on to the shelf)



Go to the Download section

The cards can be used to explain that animals including humans have different feelings and emotions, and that emotions affect behaviou. 


Do the children understand that animals have different feelings and emotions?
Can they explain how these feelings might affect the behaviour of the animal?

Lesson notes for evaluation of project / evidence / resource list



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