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Set up a display of the SEAL photos and children’s thought bubbles from previous week. (this may be temporary or a more permanent display – it needs to be available for children to refer to later in the project, so ensure items are collected and stored if they need to be removed from the wall at the end of the day)
Talk to the children about what they remember from last week – what emotions did they discuss, and have they ever felt this way? Allow time to explore feelings with talk partners.

Y1 Emotions role play_st_en from Blue Dog on Vimeo.

Set up small scenarios and allow children time to practice and to work together in pairs or small groups in order to create role plays that they could perform to each other. Remind them about facial expressions and body language. Photograph some of the role plays to add to the display.

Read ‘This is the bear and the scary night’ or similar book to explore one particular emotion. How do the children know that the bear is scared?
After reading, children to make lists of things that scare them and things they think might scare an animal. Less able children could draw things and adult can act as scribe for their ideas.


Look at some of the children’s’ lists and talk about their feelings. What do they do when they are scared? Do they think animals do the same or different things to humans?


The children's corner can be used as an interactive tool:

Tiny's Kids
In the game Tiny's Kids, there are pet and wild animals. Have a look ...

In this game, Tiny's kids are looking for their mum. All kids look different.

Match the right mum and kids.

See how happy the kids are when they find their mum. Listen to mum singing a lullaby.

Daan's Zoo
In the Zoo, there are different animals. Look for the ideal pet!

How to play the game:

When an animal appears, pass the computer mouse over the squares and match the one showing the correct colour and animal noise.

Daan's zoo also can be used to talk about the children's feelings about animals:
- Which animals look freindly?
- Which animals look scary?
- Which animals are scaring me?

Blue at the vet
Blue is feeling not very well and his owner has taken him to the vet. See Blue sitting on the vet's table looking sick and a bit scared.

Ask the children to help the vet by clicking on the objects along the bottom.

- How is Blue feeling when his paw hurts?
- How is Blue feeling when his eras are painful?
- How is Blue feeling when the vet gives him an injection?




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The cards can be used to explain that animals including humans have different feelings and emotions, and that emotions affect behaviou. 


Do the children understand what a pet is?
Do children understand what a dog needs?


Lesson notes for evaluation of project / evidence / resource list



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In this lesson you will learn

To understand that animals including humans have different feelings and emotions.

To understand that emotions affect behaviour.


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