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Explain that in this session we are going to learn about what a dog needs.

Brainstorm what the children already know about this and get them to talk about what things they provide for different animals. What things are the same and what are different? Can they explain why this is?

Read the four Blue Dog Bath Stories over the week and discuss what has happened. Reenact the stories with the children taking on the character roles. Photograph the children in role and use hot seating activities for children to explain why the dog reacted as they did.

Example: Sarah and her favourite book, The Blue Dog parent guide page 16
Talk to the children about what this story tell us about dogs and their needs.

  • Can they explain why Blue sat on the furniture? (Blue liked it a lot )
  • How did sarah react when Blue was sitting on her sofa? (Sarah tried to push Blue out of the sofa)
  • What would have been a safe way to handle the situation? (leaving Blue alone and ask a parent for help)
  • How did sarah's mum solve the situaion? ( calling Blue out of the sofa with a friendly voice)
  • How did Blue feel ? (he felt great because he was reawrded for leaving the sofa)

Example: Simon and Blue's food, The Blue Dog parent guide page 18

In this story, Simon is playing in the kitchen. he pretends to be a dog and crawls on hands and knees. This is great fun. When he approaches Blue's food bowl, Simon thinks "hmm - should I taste these brown balls?".
Simon licks his lips in anticipation and reaches out for Blue's food bowl.But Blue is watching and rushes towards Simon. Blue is upset and shows his teeth, as if to say: " Go away from my food, my little friend".

Ask them about feeding the dog and what they should do when a dog is eating.

  • How do you feed the dog ( always in the presence of a parent)
  • Where do you feed the dog ( in a quite place where he is not being disturbed) 
  • When is the dog being fed? ( On fixed moments that have been decided by a parent)
  • How would you feel when you are eatning an ice cream and your brother/sistyer would try to take it away?
  • How would Blue feel when someone is disturbing him while he is eatning?
  • What does a dog need to be happy? ( good food and a quite place to eat)

Give each pair of children a sheet ‘A dog’s wish list’ and explain that they are going to pretend to be Blue today and they have to describe what they need AS A DOG. They should put down actual things and how they would like people in their house to behave towards them.


What have we learnt about situations that can influence and cause a change in dog’s behaviour?

  • What does a dog need in order to be safe and happy?
  • How do we feed a dog?
  • How did Blue react when he didn't like the situation?
  • How should children react when a dog is growling? (leaving and calling a parent! )



  • Go to the Download section - all of the pics can be downloaded in printable version

What are the needs of each of these animals?



The cards can be used to explain that animals including humans have different feelings and emotions, and that emotions affect behaviour. 

To understand that animals including humans have different feelings and emotions

Diamond nine game - use groups of nine items (food, toys, objects).

Ask the children  to rate the itmes from "most important " to "least important" for themselves, for the Blue Dog, for another dog, for their own dog. In this way children can start to discuss the relative value of "important", i.e it may differ for each individual.

Example questions:
What item is most / leat important for Blue?
What item is most / least important for another dog?
What item is most/least important for your own dog?

To understand how emotions can influence behaviour in the CONTEXT of food

- How do you feel when somebody tries to take a high valued object away from you? How would you react?
- How is Blue feeling when a child takes away a high valued object? How would Blue react?

Simon and his strawberry ice cream
Simon is enjoying his strawberry ice cream. Hmm this tastes wonderful. Blue is interested and whines.; as if to say, " hey Sinom, give me some icecream."

Simon keeps his ice cream and so Blue jumps and tries to get hold of it. Simon gets angry and lifts his hands in the air to keep his ice cream away from Blue. But Blue is so strong.. and by jumping up he scratches Simon's face and the ice cream falls on to the floor. Blue licks up the ice cream and Simon starts crying.

Blue at the vet
Blue is feeling not very well and his owner has taken him to the vet. See Blue sitting on the vet's table looking sick and a bit scared.

Ask the children to help the vet by clicking on the objects along the bottom.

- How is Blue feeling when his paw hurts?
- How is Blue feeling when his eras are painful?
- How is Blue feeling when the vet gives him an injection?



Blue at the toy shop

Blue is in the toy shop and he is looking for new toys to put in his basket.

Can you help Blue to pick the toys that are best for him?
How does Blue feel when he gets a toy in his basket?

(If he pics a child's toy, it jumps back on to the shelf)





Do the children understand that humans can influence and cause a change in dog’s behaviour?
Can they explain what a dog needs and why?




Lesson notes for evaluation of project / evidence / resource list


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In this lesson you will learn

To understand how humans can influence and cause a change in dog’s behaviour.

Part 2 Learning to understand what a dog needs


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