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Activities: Lesson 4

Explore what the children remember from last week’s session about possessions. Explain that this week we are going to look at times when you want to eat quietly or to play on your own, and times that your dog may want to be alone with his food or toys.

Emphasise the need for parental support if you need to do anything with your dog at times when they may be possessive – recap this vocabulary and its meaning.

Read the four Blue Dog Yellow Fish stories during the week and discuss them. (parent guide pages 32-39)

  • Do the children understand what could be a problem if the dog is eating or playing and they disturb it?
  • How would they feel if a brother or sister took away their dinner or toy?
  • Do they realise that even though they love their pet they do need time on their own?
  • Where do they like to go to be on their own for some private moments?
  • Who should they get to help them if they need to get some toy etc from the dog?
  • Do they realise they should call a dog to them rather than approach it, and why?

Explain to the children that now they know a lot more about dogs, their needs and behaviour they are going to write an information book to help younger children to learn about keeping a pet dog.
Sort the children out into mixed ability groups and explain that they are going to each write a page for the book.
- G&T / HA achieving child: ‘Choosing a dog’
- HA child: Training for my dog (and / or) rules for my family
- MA child: The benefits of owning a dog
- LA child: The care and needs of a dog – this should be done with an adult guiding the children’s thoughts
Use the prompts on the resource sheets to help the children organise their thoughts.

Use time this week for children to explore the Blue Dog DVD independently, now that they have talked about it with the adult in class.


Look at the children’s notes and discuss how they are going to use them when they write their information page next week. Do they need to use the library or ICT suite for further research or to photocopy or print off material to help them?


  • The Kidscorner can be used as an interactive tool

  • Blue Dog DVD – parent guide
  • Go to the toolbox card games
    The cards can be used for a diamond nine game: http://classtools.net/education-games-php/diamond9

To understand that animals including humans have different feelings and emotions

Diamond nine game - use groups of nine items (food, toys, objects).

Ask the children  to rate the itmes from "most important " to "least important" for themselves, for the Blue Dog, for another dog, for their own dog. In this way children can start to discuss the relative value of "important", i.e it may differ for each individual.

Example questions:
What item is most / leat important for Blue?
What item is most / least important for another dog?
What item is most/least important for your own dog?

To understand how emotions can influence behaviour in the CONTEXT of food

- How do you feel when somebody tries to take a high valued object away from you? How would you react?
- How is Blue feeling when a child takes away a high valued object? How would Blue react?

Simon and his strawberry ice cream
Simon is enjoying his strawberry ice cream. Hmm this tastes wonderful. Blue is interested and whines.; as if to say, " hey Sinom, give me some icecream."

Simon keeps his ice cream and so Blue jumps and tries to get hold of it. Simon gets angry and lifts his hands in the air to keep his ice cream away from Blue. But Blue is so strong.. and by jumping up he scratches Simon's face and the ice cream falls on to the floor. Blue licks up the ice cream and Simon starts crying.


Do the children understand that humans can influence and cause a change in dog’s behaviour?
Do they understand dog behaviour can change when it is around food and toys?


Lesson notes for evaluation of project / evidence / resource list


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In this lesson you will learn

To understand how humans can influence and cause a change in dog’s behaviour

Part 4 Learning to understand dog behaviour around food and toys



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