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Activities: Lesson 5

Remind the children about their notes for their booklets that they put together last week. Give them time to revise their thoughts and use talk partners to get their ideas in speech format before the children attempt to write their page for the booklet.

Y2 Talk Partners_st_en from Blue Dog on Vimeo.

Use this session to link with literacy where required e.g. use of title, sub headings etc.
Emphasise clarity of explanations for people who do not know as much as they do, about dogs, their needs and their behaviour.

Support the children as they write, reminding them of their research and what information is useful for people.

  • G&T / HA achieving child: ‘Choosing a dog’
  • HA child: Training for my dog (and / or) rules for my family
  • MA child: The benefits of owning a dog
  • LA child: The care and needs of a dog

Complete the booklets with illustrations, clip art, contents and glossary as required.
Continue to use time this week for children to explore the CD Rom independently, now that they have talked about it with the adult in class.


Look at the children’s booklets and discuss how they should be used.

  • Which children do they think would benefit?
  • Does this booklet cover information for a family?
  • Do they need to include more information and how would they find this out?


  • In ‘Dazzle’, Revelation Art or other drawing package, children to draw pictures for book cover etc.
  • cards and materials can be found in the dowloads


Have the children demonstrated what they have learnt over the past set of lessons? Can they articulate it in words, pictures or speech?


Lesson notes for evaluation of project / evidence / resource list


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