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Activities: Lesson 6

This week is a celebratory week for the children to explore and acknowledge all the work they have done on the project.

Talk about all we have learnt about dogs and look at some of the booklets created by the children, particularly talking about and celebrating why people have dogs, and why we like to have animals in general around us.

Children to explore clay to create a head of a dog, looking at the Blue Dog DVD for inspiration to create their own image of Blue or a breed of dog. Ensure the children have appropriate images to work from to help them.
Create a small thumb pot in two halves and join before adding thumb eyes and additional features with slip. Children to talk about their clay head to their group, and describe Blue and how he is feeling.
Clay work can be fired or left to dry. This made then be varnished or painted as required.

Use pop up techniques to create a scenario with Blue and the Family to add to the booklets they have made about dogs.   Children to explain to their friends what is happening in their scenario and how the family needs to make the right choice for Blue.


Look at the selection of clay heads and pop up pictures and discuss the outcomes. Are the children positive about their work?

Do they know more about the needs of dogs and responsibilities of families to care for them appropriately?
Ensure these paintings and moving pictures are shared with other year group and talked about positively.

Give time for the children to explore the CD Rom on the class computers this week. Work in pairs and ask children to check their partner’s responses so they know that they and their friend would be safe around real dogs.


  • In ‘Dazzle’ or other drawing package children to create a poster using ICT.

Blue’s most / least favorite toy/food

What about other dogs – do they have the same favorite things?






The images on the cards can be used for creating pop up scenarios

  • How does Blue feel when someone takes his favorite toy / food
  • How does Blue behave when someone takes his favorite toy / food


Do the children understand that animals have different feelings and emotions?
Can they explain how these feelings might affect the behaviour of the animal?
Can the children demonstrate their knowledge through the medium of clay or pop up pictures?




Lesson notes for evaluation of project / evidence / resource list


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To demonstrate their knowledge about dogs, their needs and behaviours.


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